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Molyneux's next "ridiculously ambitious"

And Fable 2 will cement reputation, he says.

Peter Molyneux has claimed his next project will be "ridiculously ambitious", and not what we might expect from Lionhead.

"We've actually been working on another project now for a while, and obviously it's ridiculously ambitious, but it's ridiculously ambitious in a very simple way. It's a simple and pure idea, and very, very different to anything I've done before," Molyneux told GamesIndustry.biz.

"I haven't said anything about the game to anyone, and neither should I until next year, but I think it'll surprise people. It's certainly different to what you might think Lionhead would do. Or maybe not, actually, thinking about it, but I think we need look at this industry, and think about who our audience is, and that applies to this new game."

Molyneux has admitted talking projects up too much in the past. This, he said, has lead not only to "some very good excuses", but also to a self-imposed gag limiting the hyperbole surrounding Fable 2.

However, Molyneux is confident that Fable 2 - judging by play-test reactions - will finally be the game to deliver the goods. And he's happy to stake his reputation on it.

"At the end of the day you can stand up in front of people and wave your arms, but unless you actually create a product, you don't deserve that attention," he said.

"I still stand by that - I think [Fable 2] should define my position in the industry, and if it's not good, that says something about me. And if it is good, that also says something about me."

Fable 2 is due out exclusively for Xbox 360 on 24th October. Head over to our Fable 2 gamepage for lots more information.

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