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No Team Fortress 2 updates for PS3

Valve doesn't support the system.

Valve and EA have no plans to offer downloadable classes or content for Team Fortress 2 on PS3.

Valve has no PlayStation developers, which was why EA had to internally develop The Orange Box for PS3. And that seems to be as far as the enormous publisher wants to go.

"They're not doing ongoing development on The Orange Box for the PS3," Gabe Newell, Valve boss, told 1UP.

Pyro, Medic and Heavy updates as well as community-made maps are already available for PC, and will be heading to Xbox 360 in the future.

Valve is currently hard at work on Left 4 Dead, the co-operative shooter for four survivors against hordes of either computer- or player-controller zombies.

Gabe Newell said EA is "interested" in doing a PS3 version, but until both parties can work out where the resources can come from, the game will remain a PC and Xbox 360 title.

Head over to our Left 4 Dead gamepage to find out more.

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