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Rockstar's LA Noire a year away

And no longer exclusive to PS3.

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Rockstar's Australian Team Bondi may only be a year away from finishing moody crime caper LA Noire.

That's according to Tom Crago, boss of Tantalus and president of the Game Developer's Association of Australia, who gave an overview of development across the region.

"[LA Noire's] got - I'd suggest - another year or so to go," said Crago, reported by IGN. "[It] could be the biggest-budget videogame in development anywhere in the world. It would certainly... in terms of console titles, be in the top ten... LA Noire is a massive, massive project."

Crago also mentioned that LA Noire was heading to Xbox 360, although the game has only ever been talked of as a PS3 exclusive - despite multi-platform rumblings earlier this year.

So far little is known about LA Noire, other than the film noir setting and crime-based plot, which was outed in a teaser trailer back in 2006.

The pressure is certainly on; Crago has "huge hopes" that this will finally be the Australian-made title to really "set the world on fire".

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