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LA Noire's Switch download version doesn't fit on a Switch

You have to buy a microSD card to play.

The download version of LA Noire on Switch doesn't fit on a Switch, which means you have to buy a microSD card to play it.

Meanwhile, you can't play LA Noire's Nintendo Switch game cartridge until you've also downloaded a 14GB digital download file.

This file is "required", and contains gameplay data as well as the normal day-one patch fixes, developer Rockstar has revealed.

So how about the digital version? It weighs in at 29GB, which is huge for a Nintendo Switch game. It's so big, in fact, you need to buy a separate microSD card to install it on.

The Switch comes with a base 32GB of onboard storage, but Nintendo states that you need approximately 6.2GB reserved for use by the system itself. That leaves you with... not enough to download LA Noire.

"If using the physical cartridge version of LA Noire, the game will require a 14GB digital download containing required gameplay data as well as general bug fixes and improvements," Rockstar stated. "This file can be downloaded to either the Nintendo Switch console's internal storage or a microSD card (sold separately).

"The Nintendo eShop digital version of LA Noire, including all bug fixes and improvements, requires 29GB of available storage. Because this exceeds the available internal storage on the console, the eShop version of the game must be installed to a microSD card (sold separately) that is inserted prior beginning the download."

Some fans have pointed to the game's overall digital size - 29GB - and suggested that Rockstar could have solved the physical copy's need for an additional data download by simply shipping the game on a larger 32GB cartridge.

Eurogamer has previously investigated the cost of Switch cartridges. In a nutshell, the larger the cartridge, the more expensive each copy of the game is to produce for the developer and publisher. By shipping games on a smaller, cheaper cartridges, the publisher can save money. But this then requires the rest of game's data to be downloaded separately, pushing the cost to the consumer who may then need a microSD card.

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