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LA Noire Badge Pursuit Challenge: Where to find all 20 badges across Los Angeles

Find all hidden badges in the optional challenge.

LA Noire's Badge Pursuit locations are one of several collectables out in the game's open world of 1940s Los Angeles.

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LA Noire's Badge Pursuit Challenge explained

One of your colleagues has been a little careless and misplaced his badge 20 times around the streets of LA. Many of these can be found at Landmark locations, so collecting them will kill a few birds with a reduced number of stones.

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Here is a map of all 20 locations, and below, individual screens of their specific positions:

Badge Pursuit and shield locations

Finding all 20 will earn you the Button Man outfit which provides extra ammo for all weapons.

1. Near the blue/grey door at the front of the building.

2. On one of the doormats at Grauman's Chinese Theater.

3. Tucked amongst some cardboard boxes near the dumpster; you'll need to climb over the fence or drive a car into the gate to get to it.

4. Near the back door, next to the raised flower bed.

5. In the narrow passage half way down the central buildings in Crossroads of the World.

6. At the bottom of the stairwell.

7. At the end of the gravel path on the north side of LA Art Gallery.

8. On the floor of the shack near Westlake Tar Pits.

9. Head for the duck pedaloes.

10. Head to the left of the stairs at the front of the Intolerance Set and there's a small passageway to your left that leads underneath them.

11. On the raised flower bed in the parking lot.

12. In the cinema foyer.

13. In front of the subway car - park under the bridge and use the stairs to get up to the station. (Is it still a subway car when it's 20 feet above ground level?)

14. On the table with the condiments in front of the hotdog stand in the park.

15. Climb the drainpipe and up the first set of scaffolding at the LA Library, and the shield is on the raised area just above the front doors.

16. Underneath the track of the funicular railway.

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17. On the reception desk in the Hall of Records.

18. Between two lions in the long central alley in Chinatown.

19. On the Southern Pacific ticket desk at Union Station.

20. This is on the bridge support plinth below the 6th St Viaduct.

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