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LA Noire developers are working on a new 40s thriller called Sowden House

UPDATE: Video Games Deluxe refutes claims, says LA Noire game merely "more of a tech demo".

UPDATE 7/7/25:: Video Games Deluxe has refuted rumours that a new LA Noire game could be on the way.

In a statement to press, the team said: "We are working exclusively on projects for Rockstar.

We commissioned some music from a local composer Freyja Garbett for a VR project that we were working on a number of years ago when between projects. It is based on a case from LA Noire that did not make the cut but was more of a tech demo than anything else.

"We have no idea whether this will ever see the light of day but we decided to finish the score commission to support a local composer."

Garbett's Instagram posts have since been deleted.

Original story follows.

ORIGINAL STORY 6/7/25: Former LA Noire developers are reportedly working on a new psychological thriller set in 1940s Los Angeles, "Sowden House".

Two separate posts have popped up on Instagram from performer, composer, and producer Freyja Garbett, who says they've been working on a "HUGE" project "writing for a video game [...] from the creators of LA Noire".

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"From the creators of LA Noire comes Sowden House, a psychological thriller also set in the 1940s in LA that will have you questioning your sanity," Garbett teased.

"This project has been HUGE and it is still unravelling and revealing itself to me. I never thought I'd be writing for [a] video game but I'm grateful for the opportunity!"

Potential Leak of Upcoming “Sowden House” Psychological Thriller (From Creators of L.A Noire)
byu/gennaroandriani inlanoire

Whilst the 1940s setting will immediately take fans back to Team Bondi's excellent thriller 2011 LA Noire, it's unclear if Sowden House is a direct sequel, prequel, a spin-off, or an entirely new game that draws on the team's experience.

However, as the sleuths at the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit posit, Sowden House was the home of Dr. George Hodel, a physician who was long-suspected of the Black Dahlia murder… which again links us straight back to LA Noire, of course.

Is this cast-iron proof that a new LA Noire game is on the way? Sadly not. But it should be welcome news indeed for fans of Team Bondi. The studio was sadly shuttered in 2011, the same year LA Noire was released.

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