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LA Noire Street Crimes explained: What to expect from each Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson side-quest

Know what you're getting yourself in for before answering that radio.

LA Noire Street Crimes are optional side-quests as you work cases in 1940s Los Angeles.

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LA Noire Street Crimes explained

In addition to the story cases there are a number of lesser crimes that need attending to around the streets of LA, with each desk having its own set.

You can allow them to appear "naturally" via a random radio message whilst driving around during a story mission, but if you want to be certain of clearing them all it's simpler to wait until you've cleared all the story cases for a Desk, then quitting to the main menu, going to Cases, and selecting The Streets of LA (Free Roam) from that desk's case list.

The crimes will now be marked on your map, allowing you to fast travel to them. This has the added advantage that for any cases that involve a car chase you won't be penalised for causing mayhem!

Street Crimes on the Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson desks

The cases themselves are all fairly simple - a chase on foot or in a car, a shootout, or a mix of two, and one that involves tailing a suspect - so rather than go into great detail for each one we've just provided a list and an indication of what to expect when you get there.

Traffic Street Crimes

  • Amateur Hour: Shootout followed by chase on foot.
  • Army Surplus: Shootout.
  • Boxing Clever: Chase on foot.
  • Cosmic Rays: Chase on foot. (The objective says not to harm the suspect, but will be marked as completed whatever the outcome.)
  • Death from Above: Shootout.
  • Gangfight: Shootout.
  • Hotel Bandits: Car chase followed by shootout.
  • Hung Out to Dry: Shootout.
  • Masked Gunman: Chase on foot.
  • Pawnshop Holdup: Shootout.
  • Shoo Shoo Bandits: Shootout, may devolve into a car chase if not resolved quickly.
  • Theater Robbery: Car chase followed by chase on foot.

Homicide Street Crimes

  • Bank Job: Shootout.
  • Bowling Lane Robbery: Shootout followed by chase on foot. Killing the crook behind the counter sooner rather than later eliminates the chase.
  • Canned Fish: Chase on foot followed by car chase.
  • Cop Killer Shot: Shootout.
  • Death Plunge: Chase on foot.
  • Honey Boy: Shootout.
  • Killer Bandits: Chase on foot followed by shootout.
  • Misunderstanding: Chase on foot followed by shootout. If you chase quickly enough you may be able to fire a warning shot and end the chase before the shootout.
  • Running Battle: Case on foot, will turn into a shootout is suspect flees far enough.
  • Thicker Than Water: Car chase.
  • Unsuccessful Holdup: Shootout followed by chase on foot.
  • Vengeful Ex: Shootout.
  • Would Be Robber: Car chase followed by shootout.

Vice Street Crimes

  • Against the Odds: Tail followed by shootout.
  • Bad Date: Chase on foot.
  • The Badger Game: Car chase.
  • The Blue Line: Shootout. May turn into a car chase if you take too long.
  • Camera Obscura: Car chase. It's difficult to run him off the road, but he will eventually crash so just keep after him.
  • Commies: Shootout.
  • Daylight Robbery: Chase on foot.
  • Fatal Plunge: Chase on foot followed by car chase.
  • Secret Keepers: Car chase.
  • Zoot Suit Riot: Shootout.

Need more assistance with all things LA Noire? Inspect our main LA Noire walkthrough and guide, for detailed info and solutions for every case, tackled step-by-step. For time out in the open world, we have guides on Golden Reel locations, Badge Pursuit Challenge locations, Landmark locations, an outfits list, a hidden vehicles and cars list and finally a guide to completing LA Noire Street Crime side-quests.

Arson Street Crimes

  • Accident Prone: Chase on foot.
  • Bus Stop Shooting: Shootout followed by chase on foot and a second shootout.
  • Cafe Holdup: Shootout.
  • Hot Property: Car chase.
  • Paper Sack Holdup: Car chase. If you don't run them off the road in time they'll drive over a cliff - if this happens, just drive off after them.

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