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LA Noire cars list: How to get hidden vehicles and regular vehicles

How to get different rides around 1940s LA.

LA Noire cars allow you to explore 1940s Los Angeles in something other than your regular squad car.

Along with the main collectibles there are also 15 hidden vehicles and a variety of outfits to unlock, but unlike the other collectibles these are trickled out as a consequence of levelling up, so it's not so much a case of hunting them down, more a case of waiting for them to come to you.

If you're interested in help elsewhere, our LA Noire guide and walkthrough is well worth a visit.

How to get hidden vehicles in LA Noire

There are two types of vehicle in the game: regular, and hidden. Hidden vehicles will be marked on your map every time you reach a new rank - set a waypoint to their location and look for the garage door marked "Angel City Security".

  • Cadillac Town Car
  • Chrysler Woody
  • Cisitalia Coupe
  • Cord 810 Softtop
  • Davis Deluxe
  • Delage D8 120
  • Delage D8-120 S Poutout Aero-Co
  • Delahaye 135MS Cabriolet
  • Duesenberg Walker Coupe
  • Ford H Boy
  • Phantom Corsair
  • Stout Scarab
  • Talbot GS26
  • Tucker Torpedo
  • Voisin C7

LA Noire regular vehicles list

Regular vehicles are a little trickier to collect a completer set of; obtaining them relies a lot on luck, and many of them look similar so it can be hard to know which ones you have and which ones you don't - the only method we've found is to just get in every car you see and hope it's a new on.

There are 80 to be found, so it's going to take a while...

2 Door

  • Buick Business Coupe
  • Buick Coupe
  • Buick Eight Convertible
  • Buick Eight Coupe
  • Buick 2DR Sedanette
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR
  • Chevrolet Styleline
  • Chrysler Town and Country
  • Cord Hardtop
  • Buick Custom
  • Ford Convertible
  • Ford Custom
  • Packard Custom
  • DeSoto 2DR Custom
  • Ford 2DR
  • Ford Business Coupe
  • Ford Tudor Convertible
  • Ford V8 Sedan
  • LaSalle V8 Sedan
  • Lincoln Continental Coupe
  • Nash Super 600
  • Packard Clipper Eight
  • Packard Clipper Six
  • Pontiac Torpedo Six
  • Studebaker Commander

4 Door

  • Cadillac LaSalle Series 50
  • Cadillac Series 61 Touring Sedan
  • Cadillac Series 61
  • Cadillac Series 75 Limousine
  • Chevrolet Sedan
  • Plymouth P5
  • Chrysler Airflow
  • DeSoto Custom Suburban
  • Hudson Super Six
  • International D Series Sedan
  • Frazer Manhattan
  • Lincoln Zephyr Touring
  • Oldsmobile Hydramatic 88
  • Oldsmobile Sedan
  • Packard Clipper Eight
  • Plymouth Sedan
  • Plymouth Special Deluxe Six
  • Pontiac Sedan Six
  • Willys Overland


  • Cadillac V16 Convertible
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible
  • Mercury Custom
  • Ford DeLuxe Convertible
  • Lincoln Continental Convertible
  • Lincoln Model K Convertible Roadster
  • Nash La Fayette Convertible
  • Oldsmobile S98 Convertible
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  • International KB8 (Polar Bear Ice Truck)
  • Chevrolet Pickup
  • Chevrolet Van
  • Chevrolet Civilian Van
  • Chevrolet Pickup 2
  • GMC Pickup
  • Nash Deluxe 600 Army
  • American LaFrance Fire Truck
  • Buick Ambulance
  • Chevrolet Tow Truck
  • DeSoto Custom Suburban Taxi
  • Dodge Fuel Truck
  • Ford Ambulance
  • International Metro KB1M
  • International KB5
  • International D Series
  • Heil Colecto-Pak
  • International KB8
  • International KB6

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  • Buick Super
  • Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR
  • Chevrolet Coroner's Van
  • Ford Police Special
  • Hudson Commodore
  • International Police Wagon
  • Nash Super 600
  • Studebaker Commander

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