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LA Noire Newspaper locations - Where to find all 13 Newspapers

A list of all cases where you'll find the optional collectables.

LA Noire's Newspaper locations are one of several collectables out in the game's open world of 1940s Los Angeles.

If you're interested in help elsewhere, our LA Noire guide and walkthrough is well worth a visit.

LA Noire's Newspapers explained

During the course of the story there are thirteen newspapers to find; while they have no direct impact on the plot, nor are there seemingly any achievements or trophies for finding them, but they do give you a chance to view events that are happening behind the scenes which may help you determine the course of your investigations.

We've included the location of each of the newspapers in the appropriate place in the main walkthrough, but if you're forging your own path and just want to check you've not missed one, here's a rundown of where they're located.

Newspaper locations

1. The Mind is the Final Frontier. Found during Upon Reflection, on the crates to the right as you head down the alley.

2. Alienist Fontaine Provides Help to Troubled Vets. Found during The Driver's Seat, this paper is on the table in the Black Residence.

3. Shrink to the Stars Promises Mental Breakthrough. This one crops up during A Marriage Made in Heaven, on the bar in Ray's Cafe.

4. Dope Flood Streets, Cops Chase War Surplus Contraband. When you visit Silver Screen Props during The Fallen Idol you'll find this newspaper in the outside area between the front office and soundstage, on the table to the right of the shrunken heads.

5. Family Burnt to Death, Cops Say House Fire Deaths Are Suspicious. Number five shows up during The Red Lipstick Murder. It's on the floor directly in front of you as you enter the Henry Residence.

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6. Missing Morphine: Cops Say Goons Fighting Dope War. When you visit the hobo camp during The White Shoe Slaying you'll find this paper inside Stuart Ackerman's shack.

7. Mickey Cohen Heir Apparent to Bugsy Siegel. Whilst investigating The Black Caesar you'll pay a visit to Ramirez Removals, and paper number seven is on the table opposite the one containing the ledger.

8. Alienist Fontaine Working Selflessly to Help the Infirm. The opening portion of The Set Up takes place in the changing rooms in the American Legion Stadium, and the paper can be found on one of the massage tables.

9. LAPD Vice Scandal Could Go All the Way to the Top. While you're investigating the Alleyway Crime Scene during Manifest Destiny the newspaper is on the ground between the two dead bodies.

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10. Housing Development Burns. Number ten is in the corner of the garden at the opening crime scene, the Morelli House Fire, during A Walk in Elysian Fields.

11. Suburban Redevelopment. When you finally reach Monroe's office in A Polite Invitation you'll find this paper on the end of his desk.

12. Crusade Against Corruption. During A Different Kind of War pay a visit to Rapid Exterminators, one of your three possible leads, and the paper is on the counter.

13. The Face of Progress. The thirteenth and final newspaper is also in A Different Kind of War, on the edge of Fontaine's desk at the Fontaine's Surgery crimescene.

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