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LA Noire Golden Reel locations - Find all 50 Golden Reels for the Hollywoodland Trophy / Achievement

Maps and screens of all Golden Reels.

LA Noire's Golden Reel locations are one of several collectables out in the game's open world of 1940s Los Angeles.

If you're interested in help elsewhere, our LA Noire guide and walkthrough is well worth a visit.

LA Noire's Golden Reels explained

Tucked away around LA you'll find fifty gold film reels; why they're there is hard to say, but this isn't known as Lala-land for nothing.

See the gold disc? That's what you're looking for.

While you may stumble across one or two by accident most of them are very well hidden, so to save you scouring every square inch of the place we've provided a handy map of all the locations, along with screenshots showing exactly where they're located.

We've tried to arrange them in a vaguely sensible north-west to south-east order to make it easy to find which one is where - if you're unsure which ones you're missing check your stats on the Rockstar Social Club website.

Collecting all 50 will earn you the Hollywoodland trophy.

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Golden Reel locations

We've divided the Golden Reels into 10 at a time, each with their own map showing their locations.

Golden Reel locations 1-10:

1. The Big Sleep

2. The Letter

3. Brute Force

4. Nightmare Alley

5. Where the Sidewalk Ends

6. Gilda

7. In a Lonely Place

8. Sunset Boulevard

9. The Woman in the Window

10. The Spiral Staircase

Golden Reel locations 11-20:

11. The Night of the Hunter

12. Odd Man Out

13. The Narrow Margin

14. White Heat

15. Crossfire

16. M

17. Thieves' Highway

18. The Killers

19. The Lady From Shanghai

20. The Third Man

Golden Reel locations 21-30:

21. Shadow of a Doubt

22. Laura

23. The Setup

24. The Killing

25. Night and the City

26. The Big Clock

27. The Naked City

28. This Gun For Hire

29. Sweet Smell of Success

Golden Reel locations 31-40:

30. Riffi

31. Murder My Sweet

32. The Big Carnival

33. Mildred Pierce; drive down the tunnel from marker 33A, but look out for oncoming trains!

34. The Maltese Falcon

35. Key Largo

36. Leave Her to Heaven

37. Pickup on South Street

38. Angels With Dirty Faces; use the ladder to climb to the upper level.

39. Strangers on a Train

40. The Big Heat

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Golden Reel locations 41-50:

41. Touch of Evil; use the ladder on the rear right side of the building to reach the roof.

42. Asphalt Jungle

43. Out of the Past

44. Detour

45. Scarlet Street

46. House of Bamboo

47. Gun Crazy

48. Body and Soul

49. Double Indemnity

50. Notorious