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Combat Arms gets Euro beta date

Nexon confirms MMO FPS launch.

Nexon has announced that its free-to-play massively multiplayer shooter Combat Arms is coming to Europe, starting with a closed beta test in October.

Nexon is the Korean company that pioneered the free-to-play MMO with its massive (in all senses) RPG platformer, MapleStory, and cartoon racer KartRider.

Combat Arms recently launched in North America, and will be Nexon's second European release after MapleStory.

It's a multiplayer shooter with extensive character and weapon customisation, and an experience-based levelling system for character advancement. Nexon also promises extensive community features for clan support.

"The FPS genre is traditionally an area for hardcore gamers with a steep learning curve, but Combat Arms takes it to another level, offering a low barrier of entry with its free-to-play offering and low system requirement," said Nexon Europe manager Sung-Jin Kim.

"We have experienced a great demand from the European audience to set up a service for Europe," he said. "Now we are happy that we are just about to bring the title to the European continent, starting with the closed beta in late October."

We'll have more info on Combat Arms, including how to get involved in the beta test, soon. In the meantime, take a look at the screenshot gallery.