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Peggle sequel now on internet

Try out Nights for free, right now.

The sequel to acclaimed PC puzzler Peggle has arrived, and is available now from the official PopCap website.

The game can be downloaded and trialled for free, and then bought for GBP 14.95 after you decide that yes it really is rather addictive might as well get the full version seeing as they've fired me and she's left me now anyway.

Peggle Nights takes place across the stylistically-themed dream worlds of the 11 Peggle masters. New to the game are 60 Adventure mode levels, 60 Challenge mode levels, Peggle Master power-ups, plus additional style shots, achievements and other specials.

The soundtrack has been overhauled as well, and PopCap plans to release extra content in Level Packs in the future.

The original Peggle was our 12th favourite game of 2007. It challenges players to ricochet a silver metallic ball off of coloured pegs in order to clear them from the screen. Gravity dictates play, and the aim is to clear the orange pegs before your ball supply runs out. There's plenty more complexity factored in from power-ups along the way.

The original has been downloaded more than 20 million times since February 2007 - fast approaching the record set by casual game stalwart Bejeweled of 25 million sales.