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What else has Namco Bandai got?

Pandas, pom-poms and Wii peripherals.

Namco Bandai had more to talk about at its Editor's Day than Soul Calibur for Live Arcade and an Afro Samurai game featuring Samuel L. Jackson.

It has National Geographic Panda, which sounds ridiculous. It's a DS game in a similar mould to Nintendogs, where you look after some pandas in a zoo and buy them swings and children to eat while learning about how they live.

Namco Bandai also has more Naruto, this time exclusively for PS3. Dubbed Ultimate Ninja Storm, it will be the first of the anime series to be in full 3D, apparently, and marketing boss Todd Thorson thinks it looks so nice it "blurs the line between gaming and animation".

Alternatively, you can have a go at cheerleading in We Cheer. This is a rhythm-action outing for Wii that has you shaking the Wiimote and nunchuk like pom-poms. It also features plenty of bright colours and Bratz-like characters to hate or love, depending on your age.

There is the first in the Active Life series for Wii, too. Outdoor Challenge comes with its own Wii Fit-style-Twister-mat-thing that you step on to beat mini-games such as jumping on the heads of moles or hopping over rolling logs.

Or there was another Live Arcade and PSN shooter called PowerUp Forever. This has you cruising around space and growing bigger as you kill more and more enemies. But the larger you get, the more enemies take notice of you. Looks rather promising.

All are due out in the US this autumn.