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We Cheer for Europe in early 2009

Wii pom-poms from Namco Bandai.

505 Games is bringing Wii cheerleading game We Cheer to Wii in early 2009.

This Namco Bandai outing turns two Wiimotes into a pair of pom-poms, which are waved around in time to music on the screen.

That music, incidentally, features the likes of teeny-boppers Hilary Duff, KC & The Sunshine Band and Paramore.

Cheerleaders can be created from scratch and then customised with various provocative outfits, and additional dancers can be unlocked later in the game to form squads.

We Cheer has a Workout Mode with tailored exercise programs and a virtual fitness instructor, as well as a Cheer Off multiplayer mode for two or four players.

What do we want? We Cheer gallery. When do we want it? Fired?