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Nintendo's fab Donkey Kong Country sales

Nintendo's fab Donkey Kong Country sales

Plus eye-popping lifetime sales disclosed.

In under one month, Donkey Kong Country Returns has trampled to a massive 4.21 million global sales.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - not yet released in Europe - has already amassed 1.38 million sales in Japan and the US.

And Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been bought 6.15 million times since its summer 2010 release.

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US Government fights terrorists with Wii

Balance board involved in security research.

US Homeland Security is funding a new screening project that makes use of commercially available sensors to measure things like your heart rate and body temperature - and one of the components, for now at least, is a Wii balance board.

Germany is not Europe's top market

GfK admits to issuing incorrect data.

Update: Gfk Chart-Track in the UK has contacted GamesIndustry.biz to admit that the press release it issued earlier today had been written using incorrect data.

Four Nintendo million-sellers in FYQ3

Compared to six in same period last time.

Nintendo's profits may be down a bit, but four of the company's games still managed to sell more than a million units between April and June.

E3: New Wii Fit, Mario for Japan this year

Report spills Nintendo's E3 beans early.

Japanese news service Nikkei is reporting that a new Mario game and Wii Fit title will be out in Japan before the end of the year, adding weight to Macquarie Research claims made last week.

UK charts: Wii Fit on top yet again

Newcomer Riddick overshadowed at two.

Nintendo's Wii Fit tops the UK All-Formats chart for the 13th time this week, edging closer to the 18-week all-time record set by Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2001.

Wii Fit reclaims UK chart top spot

Wanted struggles. Ninja Blade fails.

Wii Fit recaptures the UK all-formats chart top spot this week, equalling Nintendo's personal best of 10 weeks for a game at number one - set by Pokémon Yellow back in 2000.

Wii Fit gets Body Check Channel in Japan

Tracks data, offers on-going health advice.

Nintendo is making a Wii Fit Body Check Channel that will correlate player data (and DS pedometer data) and offer ongoing health and fitness advice, while also providing medical professionals with valuable research data.

Q3's top five best-sellers revealed

Madden, Wii Fit and Star Wars win out.

Electronic Arts notched up the world's biggest selling game from July to September with Madden NFL 09 shifting 2.994 million units, according to a new report combining US, UK and Japanese sales data.

Nintendo to offer fitness checks

Feel Great Britain tour now underway.

Nintendo is hosting a series of events across the UK offering you the chance to try out Wii Fit and get a free health and fitness check.

FeatureIn The Stocks

The Wii Fit supply debacle sees Nintendo failing its partners and audience.

Published as part of our sister-site GamesIndustry.biz' widely-read weekly newsletter, the GamesIndustry.biz Editorial is a weekly dissection of one of the issues weighing on the minds of the people at the top of the games business. It appears on Eurogamer a day after it goes out to GI.biz newsletter subscribers.

GTA IV still top of the UK charts

Ahead of Age of Conan and Haze.

Grand Theft Auto IV remained at the top of the UK All Formats chart for the fourth straight week, beating off strong challenges from Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and Haze, which debuted at two and three respectively.

US/Euro Wii Fit will weigh your pet

Watch out, hamsters.

The US and European versions of Wii Fit allow players to weigh their pets as well as themselves, according to Shigeru Miyamoto's translator Bill Trinen.

Wii Fit

Wii Fit

Well balanced.

This month will see the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. It's variously been described as the gaming event of the year / the defining moment of this console cycle / the pinnacle of human achievement including the discovery of fire, walking on the moon and the invention of the Oyster card. It'll sell millions of copies and more than a few consoles.

But while the launch will be covered in the mainstream media to some extent, you won't see Lorraine Kelly giving it a go on GMTV. Fern and Philip won't be discussing the merits of the new cover system and procedural animations, and Richard and Judy won't marvel at how the motorbikes can do backflips.

Wii Fit, on the other hand, will be everywhere. It's launching on 25th April, four days before GTA IV, and it's going eat column inches, take up all the airtime and fly off the shelves. Will it sell more copies than GTA? That will partly depend on whether Nintendo can churn out balance boards quickly enough to meet demand. Two things, however, are certain: Wii Fit will be huge, and it deserves to be.

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More Wii Fits coming, says Nintendo

Best "shop around" if you want to pre-order.

Nintendo UK has responded to concerns about the fact Wii Fit appears to have sold out before it's even on shelves - insisting that "many retailers are still accepting pre-orders".

Wii Fit price for Europe

Due out 25th April, remember.

Nintendo has said that Wii Fit will retail for GBP 69.99 in the UK and EUR 89.99 in the rest of Europe. Which makes sense - why would they charge Europeans in pounds?

Wii Fit date announcement today

Wii Fit date announcement today

But Nintendo coy on May rumblings.

Nintendo has told Eurogamer it plans to reveal information on the Wii Fit release date later today.

The platform holder was responding to an article in The Wall Street Journal, which said both WiiWare and Wii Fit would be given American dates of May.

First to arrive, apparently, will be game download service WiiWare on 12th May. This is similar to Live Arcade and PSN and will offer small, original titles for purchase.

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Nintendo trio roll out for GDC

Talking Wii Fit, WiiWare, Smash Bros.

Takao Sawano, Takashi Aoyama and Masahiro Sakurai - three of Nintendo's top men - will be at GDC next week banging on about their experiences with the likes of Wii Fit, WiiWare and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

FeatureComing Attractions: The Lost Levels

Wii Fit, Home, Rock Band and more.

Shooters and sports games. RPGs and racers. Strategy and simulation, action and adventure. The lines may blur but for the most part you know where you are with these. If a game's got guns, cars, football or wizards, it's easy to see where it fits.

Nintendo of America spits out dates

Specific for Okami, loose for Mario Kart, etc.

Nintendo of America has issued an enormous pile of release dates and estimates for its upcoming games and those of its cherished third parties. Obviously these only apply to the US, but they are still encouraging yardsticks for when things will be finished and ready to be quickly released in Europe no excuses this time.

Wii Fit sells 1 million in Japan

Wii Fit sells 1 million in Japan

Results before you know it.

Nintendo's Wii Fit exercise package has sold one million units in Japan, in just over a month on sale, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

According to Nikkei, the hardware and software bundle reached the milestone on 6th January, after being introduced to the market on 1st December.

Wii Fit was first unveiled by Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 last year, and represents Nintendo's continued push to expand the industry beyond the traditional videogame market.

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Wii Fit date, bikes in Mario Kart

Plus Wii Ware games, Fire Emblem DS, DS download channel.

As well as adding Sonic to the Smash Bros. roster, Nintendo's Japanese press conference also brought us the local release date for Wii Fit, news of motorbikes in Mario Kart and a few details on the first games for downloadable service Wii Software (Wii Ware), announced this June.

GC: Best Of winners revealed

Crysis, BioShock, PES 2008.

The winners of the Best in Show awards from this year's Games Convention in Leipzig have been announced, GamesIndustry.biz reports, with Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 taking two awards for Best PlayStation 2 game and Best PlayStation 3 game.

Wii Fit

Let's get physical.

Lock up your daughters. And your Mums, and any Dads who've been showing an uncharacteristic interest in muesli and walking since their last check-up. And your girlfriends and wives (or your beer-bellied boys), and their friends, and those other friends that scoff at your hobby and pointedly declaim their preference for a game of footy down the park and a bit of, you know, fresh air.