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Rise of the Argonauts due in November

Codies' slasher nearly upon us.

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Codemasters plans to unleash Rise of the Argonauts across Europe in November.

This PC, 360 and PS3 action role-playing game reinterprets the story of Jason and the Argonauts and promises distinctive RPG mechanics that do away with endless inventory-surfing, status bars, experience and levels.

There's still plenty to satisfy RPG fans though: skill trees to climb, branching conversation options with subsequent deity impact, equipment and weapon hoarding, Argonaut recruitment, a great big ship to fill with people, plus plenty of side-quests and stories (and subsequent rewards).

There's also a fancy combat system where unblocked blows kill, rather than slightly deplete hit-points. AI team-mates also perform co-operative moves when Jason gets into close proximity, usually grappling baddies so our king can dispatch them in a gruesome manner.

Rise of the Argonauts sits somewhere between God of War and Titan Quest, then, and is worth keeping an eye on. Head to our Rise of the Argonauts gamepage to find out more.

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