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Rise of the Argonauts for autumn

Still on course for this year.

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Codemasters has told Eurogamer that Rise of the Argonauts will be released on PC, 360 and PS3 this autumn.

The action role-playing game had fallen rather quiet after its unveiling last April, but the publisher has assured us all is well and Argonauts should be ready to show to press soon.

The title retells the familiar story of young warrior king Jason, whose adventures were stop-animated to fame on the big-screen in 1963. However, the emphasis here is on exploring ancient Greece and all the perils that go with it.

Rise of the Argonauts also makes some bold claims. It wants do away with monotonous combat where one hit can kill if a sharp bit finds its way to soft flesh. And it wants to move away from good, evil and neutral paths by introducing four gods that are influenced by the consequences of nearly every action you make.

Technically it is looking to push boundaries as well, with a procedural animation system that has your sword and shield react independently depending on the area of attack, plus computer-controlled companions such as Hercules who can trigger co-operative attacks when they are in the near vicinity.

Pop over to our Rise of the Argonauts interview with developer Liquid Entertainment to find out more.

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