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FIFA World Cup tournament to return

Piles of money up for grabs.

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EA is running another World Cup tournament in FIFA 09 on PlayStation 3, which is all set to launch in Europe on 3rd October.

This will be the fifth consecutive year of the competition, which offers fans from around the world the opportunity to compete for meaty cash prizes. The overall winner will receive USD 20,000 (GBP 10,000) and a car, while second place bags USD 5000 (GBP 2500), and third nets USD 1000 (GBP 500).

Fans can practice their skills in the demo released last week. The tournament kicks off in late October.

FIFA 09 aims to up its game this year with the inclusion of 10 against 10 online multiplayer - held together by a new Clubs clan system that lets players pick from and organise groups of friends.

There are plenty more improvements besides, which we dived into recently in our hands-on impressions of FIFA 09.

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