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FIFA Ultimate Team is broken, say players

EA forum flooded with complaints.

EA's official FIFA 09 forum is flooded with complaints about the recently-released Ultimate Team add-on mode.

There are 124 pages of fans listing problems that range from game-crashes to disappearing data. And that's just one thread. In short: Ultimate Team is broken.

Unfortunately, however, EA appears to be ignoring both us and the community. We can only hope these problems are being secretly addressed behind the scenes.

Ultimate Team adds a card-trading management mode to FIFA 09 where players can steadily buy and swap their way to glory.

Head over to our FIFA 09: Ultimate Team review to see if it's worth the 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60).

Update: EA has been in touch to point out that gamers experiencing problems can refer to the first page of the abovementioned thread for the latest updates on server availability, installation and error reporting. Furthermore, company reps are patrolling the EA forums keeping an eye on comments and replying where possible.

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