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Schappert to keynote TGS next month

Bringing the world together on Live.

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Xbox Live boss John Schappert will address the Japanese crowds during the Tokyo Game Show next month.

His keynote speech, "A Canvas for the World", will be delivered on Thursday 9th October.

His talk will discuss bringing people together in new entertainment experiences, apparently. This outrageous idea presumably revolves around the Xbox Live redesign and introduction of Mii-like avatars scheduled for the end of the year.

These will offer an alternative to Gamerpictures, and can be dressed in all sorts of silly clothing to represent you in online Xbox Live film-viewing sessions, quiz shows, chats and, of course, games.

Microsoft has rather a lot of work to do in Japan, where the Xbox 360 sales continue to struggle. Schappert may have an announcement or two up his sleeve to try and set this right, although the platform holder only cut the price there very recently.

Anyway, head over to our impressions of the "New Xbox Experience" from E3 to find out more, and look forward to our live coverage of the Schappert keynote this time next month.

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