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Halo 3 title update available today

More Achievements, quick quick.

Bungie will be rolling out the second title update for Halo 3 today.

This introduces 10 new Achievements totalling 250 Gamerpoints, plus a new playlist rating that shows how good you are in individual playlists, rather than your global Trueskill rating. Don't panic; nothing is being taken away, only added.

Accidentally, the official Xbox site has also uncovered an additional 20 Achievements for what seem to be the additional maps planned for later this year.

That takes the Halo 3 Gamerpoint total up to 1750, which we're sure the 49/49'ers will appreciate - you know who you are.

Bungie's not ready to talk about any of the upcoming content just yet. But a spokesperson did tell Eurogamer that a date for the Assembly map was being discussed with Microsoft, and that hopefully something will be announced within the "next month or so".