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Halo 3 is getting back bling

Shield up.

14 years after it came out, Halo 3 is getting back bling.

Taking a page out of the Fortnite playbook, Halo 3 is getting a raft of new customisation options, including what are called back accessories.

These new customisation options, which do not affect gameplay, are live now in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection flight (the version of the game where upcoming features are tested).

Most of the currently-available back accessories are in-keeping with Spartan armour (check some of them out on Halo Waypoint). But there are a couple standout pieces. There's the pulaski (a special hand tool used in fighting wildfires which combines an axe and an adze in one head):

And, most eye-catching of all, the Sword and Board, which Halo fans will surely recognise:

That's right, you can actually run around Halo 3 multiplayer with the Halo Legendary difficulty symbol strapped to your back now. What a world we live in.

You can see all this back bling in action in the video below from YouTuber UberNick:

Halo 3 gets back bling, then, after Master Chief got it in Fortnite.

Back bling isn't the only new thing coming to Halo 3. The game is getting two new multiplayer maps - 12 years since the last new maps were added. These maps are incorporated from Halo Online. Halo Online was the free-to-play PC Halo game based on Halo 3 multiplayer and developed by Saber Interactive that Microsoft pulled offline before it got a full release.

Lots happening in the world of Halo 3, then. Expect developer 343 to announce when this will all go live to all players soon.

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