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13 years after it came out, Halo 3 has a new map

Don't go chasing waterfalls.

13 years after it came out, Halo 3 has a new map.

Season six of Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched last night, and it brought with it Waterfall, a Halo Online map now playable in custom games for Halo 3. Waterfall is a snow and ice-themed map with a silenced SMG and Brute plasma rifle placed natively on the map. The trailer below shows it off:

Halo Online was the free-to-play PC Halo game based on Halo 3 multiplayer and developed by Saber Interactive that Microsoft pulled offline before it got a full release.

Developer 343 had planned to release two Halo Online maps for Halo 3 in season six, but Edge fell by the wayside "based on feedback and overall readiness". The plan is to release it at some point in the future though.

For now, Waterfall is the focus. Halo 3 launched on Xbox 360 in 2007, and it last received a new map via the Mythic II Map Pack, which came out in February 2010. This included three maps from Halo 3: ODST: Citadel, Longshore, and a remake of Halo 2 map Midship, titled Heretic. Of course, the difference now is Waterfall is free, whereas Halo 3's DLC packs cost money, splitting the userbase.

Halo: MCC season six, dubbed Raven, also adds new Halo 3 armour, new weapon and vehicle skins, animated nameplates, back accessories (yes, Halo has back bling now), animated visors, The Exchange and more.

Of note, the katana from Halo 3 on the Hayabusa chest is back bling you can attach to any armour (Halo 3 fans will remember the katana as a special armour permutation unlockable by earning 49 out of 79 achievements or 1000 gamerpoints):

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