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Fable 2 Pub Games glitch was intentional

Cheaters to face in-game consequences.

Peter Molyneux has claimed that the Fable 2 Pub Games glitch, which allowed bets to be increased ten-fold by some timely button pressing, was absolutely intentional.

And those who cheated, Molyneux told IGN, will have a surprise waiting for them in Fable 2. The crafty old blighter.

The Fable 2 Pub Games are rubbish, but allow players to accrue gold that can be transferred into Fable 2 when the game launches on 24th October.

The glitch revolved around the Fortune's Tower card game where, by pressing the left bumper as bets were placed, gamblers could increase their stake by ten times the amount for free.

We're fairly confident anyone who forked out the ludicrous 800 MS Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) for the Pub Games would have resorted to this. Funds, otherwise, were rather hard to come by, in a selection of games based almost entirely on chance.