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From Software shows Ninja Blade for 360

Armored Core team doing cinematic action.

Microsoft has announced Ninja Blade for Xbox 360 during its Japanese press conference.

Armored Core developer From Software is at the controls and has set the very familiar-sounding game in modern day Tokyo, which just happens to be abuzz with plenty of zombie and demon baddies. If not Xbox 360 consumers.

The rendered trailer shown during the conference had a ninja standing and somehow sticking to the underside of a plane's wing, before jumping into the Tokyo skyline and running down the side of skyscraper while chopping some winged beasties into bite-sized chunks.

From Software aims to jump between cinematic and action sequences seamlessly, according to Kotaku's live blog of the conference, and Lost Planet artist Keiji Nakaoka is said to be on board (the live-blog refers to him as a designer, but Mobygames reckons he was a character modeler - anyone know for sure?).

Ninja Blade is due for Japan sometime in 2009.