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Register your CV for Career Fair

Show yourself to companies in advance.

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Fancy a career in games, or perhaps a better job in games? Then you'll probably want to attend the Career Fair, taking place at London's Old Truman Brewery from October 28th - 29th.

If you want to be extra-organised, you can upload your CV right now via special page on That way companies can size up what you've got to offer in advance, and might even offer you an interview at the event.

All sorts of important people have signed up for the Career Fair including Microsoft, SEGA, THQ, Ubisoft, Crytek and Realtime Worlds.

"With such a great bunch of exhibiting companies this time around, this is a really good way of ensuring your CV gets to the recruitment managers to give you the best opportunity of talking to some of the best names in games about your next career move," said sales manager Richard Sturgess, snapping his big red braces.

As we might have mentioned, the Career Fair is taking place at the Old Truman Brewery from October 28th - 29th. For GBP 5 you can get a ticket to both the Career Fair and the Eurogamer Expo, which takes place at the same location and time and is going to be well good. All proceeds from ticket sales go to charity, which we might also have mentioned.

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