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UK retail points to 360 Christmas price-cut

Woolworths catalogue spills jelly beans.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

UK retail chain Woolworths looks poised to cut the price of Xbox 360, following a similar move by Microsoft in the US.

The Arcade Xbox 360 will drop to GBP 129.99, the Premium unit to GBP 169.99, and the Elite console to 229.99, according to scans from the upcoming Woolworts catalogue, photographed by Engadget.

The three Xbox 360 consoles currently sell for GBP 159.99, GBP 199.99 and GBP 259.99 respectively. In comparison, a Wii console retails for GBP 179.99 with a copy of Wii Sports.

However, it is not yet clear whether this is a Woolworths-lead or Microsoft-bossed initiative.

The recent Xbox 360 price-cut to USD 199 in the US caused sales spikes of between 100 and 600 per cent.

Both Microsoft and Woolworths have been contacted for comment.

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