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Eidos making Shellshock sequel

Spooky Vietnam shooter due this Christmas.

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Eidos has surprised us like the Vietcong with plans to release a sequel to Shellshock on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 before Christmas.

Dubbed Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, the brutal and psychologically twisted first-person shooter will be created by Rebellion - most recently responsible for Rogue Trooper and The Simpsons Game.

The setting is once again the Vietnam war, or the American war as it's known round those parts. The story centres on a Special Ops soldier who waltzes out of the jungle after his entire unit disappeared for a month during a mission to bring back top secret missing consignment "Whiteknight".

He's got mental problems now, injects himself with syringes, and has bought whatever made him this way back with him. Cue the rest of the army encampment going bananas and shooting each other.

Eidos has popped out a nice video to illustrate all this, plus some suitably spooky screenshots.

The first game, Shellshock: Nam '67, was developed by the coincidentally-named Guerrilla Games, although by a different team to the one responsible for Killzone 1. Was a bit rubbish, too.

The message is clear: Vietnam is not to be taken lightly. Look what happened to John Rambo: he couldn't adjust and ended up with a weird speech impediment. Endearing, but ultimately ugly.

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