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Buzz! PS3 special edition for Christmas

Has more questions and PSN content.

Sony plans to offer a Special Edition of Buzz! Quiz TV this Christmas on PS3.

Alongside the game, gold-embossed case and wireless buzzers will be an extra 1000 questions to tie brains in knots with. Plus, there's a bonus 500 videogame-themed questions, and a quiz on African wildlife that Ellie should be quite good at.

There's lots of previously-released PSN content bundled in as well, such as four additional characters, Trophies, ten buzzer noises and a Quickstart mode to get straight into the action.

The Special Edition also has support for PlayStation Eye, which can take pictures of you looking confused or getting angry with your smarty-pants flatmate. Hi Chris!

Buzz! QuizTV arrived on PS3 back in July, boasting user-created and downloadable quizzes, wireless buzzers and online battles for groups of people on PSN.

The reception received was favourable, but the game quickly dropped off the UK all-formats chart.

Buzz! QuizTV finally launched yesterday in the US.