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Wheelman demo, lots of DLC for PSN

SFIV, Everybody's Golf, LBP, etc.

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Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with a Wheelman demo, some more DLC for Street Fighter IV, Everybody's Golf, LittleBigPlanet and Buzz, and the digital download version of Patapon 2 for PSP.

The Wheelman demo is the same as the one released on Xbox Live last week, and Everybody's Golf benefits from the Sackboy costume mentioned yesterday, although at GBP 0.79 / EUR 0.99.

Street Fighter IV gets the Shoryuken Pack at GBP 3.19 / EUR 3.99, featuring alternative costumes for Ryu, Ken, Dan, Akuma and Gouken; LittleBigPlanet owners can download a free St. Patrick's Day outfit; and Buzz! fans get a GBP 6.29 / EUR 7.99 National Geographic Prehistoric quiz pack.

Patapon 2, meanwhile, goes for GBP 19.99 / EUR 29.99, although as with LocoRoco 2, PSP owners have the right to feel a bit miffed about that given that online retailers are flogging it for GBP 14.99. There is at least a free demo.

Also for PSP, there are a couple of EA oldies in the shape of Hi-Octane and Street Skater 2, both at GBP 3.99 / EUR 4.99.

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