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Death Tank being remade for Live Arcade

Bit like mechanical Worms.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Snowblind Studios has whipped the wrappers off a revamped Xbox Live Arcade version of Death Tank.

Originally a bonus game for PowerSlave on SEGA Saturn, Death Tank dots the aforementioned war machines on 2D hills, grants them large arsenals and has them blow each other up. A bit like Worms. Or Afghanistan.

The overhaul - a collaborative effort between Snowblind Studios and Flat Games - will be overseen by original creator Ezra Dreisbach.

New features such as local four-player battles and online skirmishes for up to eight competitors will be added, as will upgradable tanks and various power-ups.

Graphics will be greatly improved, too, as you can see in our Death Tank gallery. But unfortunately there's no mention of date nor price just yet.

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