Death Tank

Death Tank's Ezra Dreisbach

On Lobotomy, Powerslave and why the Saturn was crap.

This week's Xbox Live Arcade release is an updated version of the legendary Death Tank, one of the most celebrated, and yet under-played party games ever developed. Devised and programmed by Ezra Dreisbach of Lobotomy Software, the full DT experience is difficult to convey, but it's usually described as a kind of real-time version of Scorched Earth or Worms, as if that's enough to convey the refined, distilled genius of this game. It isn't.

Death Tank remake on Live tomorrow

1200-MSP 2D tank-fighting action.

Death Tank is this week's Xbox Live Arcade release, which means you will be able to get your caterpillar tracks on it tomorrow, 18th February, at 9am GMT.