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NCsoft's European MMO canned?

And Tabula Rasa given "months" by source.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sources have told that NCsoft is preparing to trim staff at its European office in Brighton, and cancel the game in development there.

According to a number of sources close to the company, around 50 staff will be let go following the decision to stop work on the untitled MMO, a game that was announced this time last year when the office underwent significant expansion.

The same sources said that the company's troubled MMO Tabula Rasa will be discontinued at some point in the coming months due to continuing poor subscriber numbers.

However, although NCsoft shed some staff last month at the Austin office where Tabula Rasa was developed, rumours that the office would be closed and Tabula Rasa discontinued proved unfounded.

An official statement is expected from NCsoft soon.

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