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Richard Garriott suing NCsoft for fraud

Claiming USD 24 million damages.

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Ultima and Tabula Rasa creator Richard Garriott is suing his former employer NCsoft for fraud, to the tune of USD 24 million.

The suit was filed yesterday at the Texas Western District Court, as you can see at Justia. The legal eagles at Kotaku spotted it.

Richard Garriott left NCsoft late last year after his 2007 science-fiction MMO, Tabula Rasa, failed to perform. Ten days later, the Korean publisher announced that it would discontinue the game.

Garriott and his brother had effectively headed NCsoft's US operations since the company bought their Austin, Texas studio, Destination Games. Since then, NCsoft has restructured its US and European arms into NCsoft West, led by executives from Guild Wars developer ArenaNet.

We'll bring you more on the court case as we hear it.

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