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FPS camera coming to Tabula Rasa

New views include scopes and cockpits.

Yet more signs of life from NCsoft's sci-fi MMO Tabula Rasa: the game has a revamped camera system in the works, including an FPS-style view and a number of other first-person modes.

Last week's Feedback Friday update on the official Tabula Rasa site revealed that the sought-after FPS mode was under development. Click the link to see it working in a couple of screenshots.

Scope views are also being added to the game's sniper rifles, rocket launchers and the like, and are once again shown in screens. The post also promises a cockpit view for the game's mechs, and a more zoomed-out third-person camera to help out support classes.

These features bring Tabula Rasa a little closer to being the shooter-influenced MMO that was promised at launch. They follow last week's news that the next major update, Deployment 15, would bring players a new campaign set on Earth.

You can find more information over at the Tabula Rasa gamepage.

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