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Nevrax goes into receivership

Ryzom team trying to save MMO.

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The developer of the MMO Saga of Ryzom, Nevrax, will go into receivership in December, but officials from the company are confident the game will continue to be supported.

The French developer recently launched an expansion pack, Ryzom Ring, enabling players to develop their own content for the MMO.

"While the game will continue to run and be supported, Nevrax (as a corporate entity) will be going into receivership next month," said a statement from the company.

"We emphasise again that the game will continue to run and be supported as this is not the beginning of the end - just the end of the beginning."

Although the future of the game is in doubt, the developer has hinted that "a company has emerged and are currently preparing a plan to take on Ryzom."

"We can't tell you more at the moment since it is being discussed... we can assure you that much is happening behind the scenes," offered the company.

As a result all current subscribers have received one month free access to the game, but newly created trial accounts cannot be upgraded to full, paying accounts.

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