Ryzom reintroduces subscriptions

They're relatively cheap though.

Following the resurrection last year of French science-fantasy MMO Ryzom and a few months of free play, a subscription charge is to be reintroduced.


Five hours as a stranger in a strange land.

Ryzom's had a difficult life; launched in the same year as WOW, the French science-fantasy MMO went ignored, except in reviews that tipped the thermostat somewhere between tepid and lukewarm. Since then, it's been killed, resurrected, gone from subscription-based to free, and the single server is now populated by a bunch of dedicated players and - if the chat is anything to go by - lots of people who come for a couple of weeks before leaving.

Free Ryzom accounts on offer

Still don't know who's running it.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the offbeat, offline MMO Saga of Ryzom was back from the dead, and former subscribers were being offered free VIP access.

Saga of Ryzom to return

French MMO resurrected - but by whom?

Fans of The Saga of Ryzom, the unusual science-fantasy MMO created by the Nevrax studio in France, have been informed via a newsletter that the game is set to return.

Ryzom Ring final beta

Ryzom Ring final beta

Build your own worlds.

Saga of Ryzom's free expansion Ryzom Ring has entered its final beta, developer Nevrax announced this week.

"In preparation for the Ryzom Ring release and Ryzom's second anniversary, we are allowing all Ryzom subscribers to participate in the final beta," said CTO and executive producer Daniel Miller.

"They will be able to get their first taste of true freedom, creating their own scenarios and playing God in a persistent online world."

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New Ryzom expansion

New Ryzom expansion

Create your own maps.

A new expansion pack for PC MMORPG The Saga of Ryzom has been announced by developer Nevrax.

The Ryzom Ring, or R˛ for short, features a set of tools which let you edit your own maps using point-and-click tools, selecting the terrain, monsters and NPCs to create unique environments.

The maps are then hosted on Nevrax’s servers and you can share them with thousands of other players, or make them available only to selected players and guilds.

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