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New Ryzom expansion

Create your own maps.

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A new expansion pack for PC MMORPG The Saga of Ryzom has been announced by developer Nevrax.

The Ryzom Ring, or R² for short, features a set of tools which let you edit your own maps using point-and-click tools, selecting the terrain, monsters and NPCs to create unique environments.

The maps are then hosted on Nevrax’s servers and you can share them with thousands of other players, or make them available only to selected players and guilds.

David Cohen Corval, creative director of The Saga of Ryzom, has posted a message on the game’s official website explaining how it all works.

"If you want to create an adventure, you first have to select a map out of a list of template maps,” he says.

“These maps are unpopulated, but once you selected one, you can log on the map. There, as you walk in the map, you will be able to populate it using your mouse to place objects, creatures, NPCs, etc. in their libraries.

“We don’t expect every player to create new maps of course, but we nevertheless intend to make the tools as simple to use as possible,” Cohen adds.

You can read more about the add-on, and how we’ll all have homeworlds instead of homepages come The Future, right here. The Ryzom Ring is due out this winter.

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