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Konami doing sandcastle building sim

Use the Wii remote to get creative.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has announced plans to release a sandcastle-building game for Wii.

Good news for all those tired of old fashioned 2D sandcastle-building games, as Sandy Beach is billed as "a fully 3D sandcastle-building game".

Players will use the Wii remote to build their castles, and can save photos of them in a special gallery. There's a co-op mode, and the rather exciting-sounding Crab Battle mode, which sees said crustaceans attempting to invade your castle. You'll need to build strategically and fire cannons to see them off. Once that's done, you can use a metal detector to search for hidden treasures to decorate your castle with and extra cannons.

Sandy Beach is out this autumn.

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