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Conan 360 "still very much set to happen"

In 2009, but PC still dominant focus.

Funcom has told Eurogamer that an Xbox 360 version of Age of Conan will definitely be released.

"The Xbox 360 version is still very much set to happen and we are working on it," said Erling Ellingsen, chief horn-blower for Funcom.

"However, there are no dates set, even though we aim for a 2009 release. Our big priority now is, of course, the PC version and fixing the issues with it and improving it for our current players."

Work began on the console MMO in December 2006, but was put to one side during the run up to the PC launch in May this year.

The plan was to follow with an Xbox 360 version of Age of Conan roughly 12 months later.

However, observers speculated that the amount of work needed to keep the PC community playing, plus the perils of the Xbox Live platform (certification for patches - eek!) meant Funcom may not bother with a console version after all.

Contrary to this, Age of Conan was shown being controlled by an Xbox 360 pad during Games Convention last month. This is the work of Blue Orb and clever PC application SwitchBlade, though.

Funcom is currently testing an upcoming PvP rewards patch for Age of Conan, which will offer the best battlers impressive equipment sold from specialist NPCs.

Our Age of Conan gamepage has plenty more information.

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