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Dead Space release creeps forward again

Unnerving, even by horror game standards.

EA has pulled the release of Dead Space forward another week in the US, and now plans PS3 and 360 releases on 14th October, followed by the PC version on the 20th.

There's no mention of European alterations for the moment, but expecting one would be less surprising than space-zombies. We'll look into it.

Originally, Dead Space had been manoeuvring for release on Halloween, but was dragged forward to 24th October because the game was completed early - nothing to do with a busy release schedule, then.

Dead Space, a spooky science-fiction shooter, is set on a spaceship visited by engineer Isaac Clarke on what first appears to be a routine maintenance call.

So far, the results look extremely promising. You can find much more information in our recent Dead Space hands-on, or over on our Dead Space gamepage.