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Morrisons doing half-price games all week

Better get Denise van Outen buy some.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

UK supermarket chain Morrisons will be selling all the top ten console games for half-price this week, reports.

During the sale - which ends this Sunday - PS3 and Xbox 360 titles will be reduced to GBP 25, Wii titles will be GBP 15, and DS titles GBP 12.

The helpful lady from our local store managed "Tiger Woods" before admitting she couldn't remember the entire top ten. She didn't check. Still, sounds like rather a good deal to us, providing there is enough stock.

Morrisons, which also sells potatoes, attracts star shoppers such as Alan Hansen and Denise van Outen according to the telly, and remember: those games are managed by Morrisons right the way from the farm to the shelf.

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