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Age of Booty to cost just over a fiver

It's due out in a few weeks, apparently.

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Capcom has revealed new pirate-themed RTS Age of Booty will cost just USD 10, or around a fiver in the old money. That's according to Choicest Games, and confirmed on the Capcom blog. Apparently the price applies whether you're downloading the game via PC, Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network.

Meanwhile, another blog post states the closed beta for the game should kick off this week. "We have one more kink to work out to make sure all the key registration stuff works properly and we'll be ready to go," wrote a chap working on the game.

"Things are looking pretty good overall... We should be ready to release the real Age of Booty to you all in a few weeks."

There's been no further clarification of what "a few" means exactly, but expect more news soon.

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