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Velvet Assassin slips into early 2009

Creeps out of busy festive schedule.

Gamecock has decided to pull Velvet Assassin from October 2008 in favour of an early 2009 release.

This will bring the European launch in-line with the US, a spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer. And, handily, the move also avoids the routinely packed festive season while affording a little extra development time.

Velvet Assassin, formerly titled Sabotage, is the sneaky PC and Xbox 360 World War II game based on real-life British spy Violette Szabo, whose secretive and horrific past is relived while she lies motionless in a coma.

This leads to a rather stylised dream-world approach, which Kristan has seen running and says looks very nice. Worth keeping an eye on, apparently, especially in the wake of perpetual delays for stealth competitor, Splinter Cell Conviction.

There's also pedigree here; developer Replay Studios was set-up in 2002 by one of the founders of IO Interactive - the developer responsible for the Hitman series.

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