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Velvet Assassin sneaking onto 360

Worth keeping an eye on, this one.

Gamecock has confirmed that Velvet Assassin will be making an appearance on Xbox 360 as well as PC this autumn.

This is the gritty World War II sneak-'em-up made by Replay Studios, which was formed in 2002 by former IO Interactive staff.

Their work on the Hitman series is evident here, as you sneak around a dream-like world seeing off key figures in the Nazi regime by luring them into gasoline puddles to set fire to them, or creeping up and brutally assassinating them.

Velvet Assassin is based on the true story of British intelligence agent Violette Szabo. She's called Violette Summer in the game, and you join her as she lies motionless in a coma, reliving her secretive and horrific past of off-field warfare.

There are 12 stylised memory levels to relive, with plenty of story to unravel and authentic 1940s weapons to get to grips with.

You can leave your own mark on her story, too, by developing her abilities towards combat or stealth depending on your preference.

Kristan thought it was the most impressive title in the Gamecock line-up when he got a closer look, and suggests you keep an eye on it.

Velvet Assassin used to be known as Sabotage, but had its name changed so as not to presumably clash with Pandemic black-and-white effort Saboteur.

Head over to our Velvet Assassin gallery for an idea of what it looks like.

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Velvet Assassin

Xbox 360, PC

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