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UK PSP-3000 bundle contents still TBC

Reeves revelations could be Europe only.

Sony has explained that the PSP-3000 bundles announced by European boss David Reeves during Games Convention last month may not be the exact configurations we get for the UK.

The silver PSP-3000 plus Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, and black PSP-3000 plus 4GB Memory Stick remain European deals, and may not appear here at all.

The platform holder also said that the GBP 149.99 price and 17th October date revealed yesterday were not for the standalone PSP-3000 after all, but a bundle of unknown make-up. We did specifically ask about standalone, but hey, we all make mistakes.

It turns out that the PSP-3000 will not be sold separately in the UK for some time - presumably a month or two - after the bundles are introduced. Exact UK dates and prices are expected soon.

The aforementioned European bundles will sell for EUR 199, with the Clank pack on 15th October and 4GB Memory Pack in "early November".