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Funcom confirms 400k players

Correction: "players" not "payers".

Update, 1st September: Erling Ellingsen has told Eurogamer that he said "players", not "payers", when he referred to Age of Conan's installed base in an interview during Games Convention.

Original story: Following Funcom's claim of 415,000 "customers" in its financial report last week, Funcom has confirmed that this figure refers to active subscribers' accounts.

In a video interview with onlinewelten recorded at Leipzig last week, product manager Erling Ellingsen said that the game had "over 400,000 active payers".

Sceptics had questioned whether the figure in the financial report - which would make Age of Conan the most successful subscription-game launch since World of Warcraft - included players who had simply registered their copies for the free trial period.

Ellingsen also declared that Funcom was happy with the success of the game's launch, although it felt that some things could have gone better.

At Leipzig last week, Funcom revealed upcoming free update content, teased the first Age of Conan expansion pack, and mentioned a tie-in with the new Conan film.

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