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Japanese direct-access PSP Store soon

And Patapon 2 confirmed for Europe.

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Sony finally plans to let PSP owners access their online shop without the use of a PC or PlayStation 3.

The platform holder said yesterday that Japanese gamers will be able to access the PlayStation Store on PSP this autumn - echoing reports earlier this year of a plan to launch such a service within the company's fiscal year.

Sony was unable to comment on plans for the PSP Store in Europe when we rang up, but we hope to hear more soon.

PSP owners will also be able to engage in ad hoc multiplayer games by connecting to PSN via the PlayStation 3, Sony said, and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G will be among the first games to take advantage of this when the service goes live in the autumn.

Again, Sony Europe couldn't comment at the time of writing.

One thing we were able to confirm is that Patapon 2 - due out in Japan on 27th November - will definitely be released in Europe.

We're also expecting to hear a firm 2008 release date for LocoRoco 2 in the near future.

Check out our Patapon 2 and LocoRoco 2 gamepages for more on both.

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