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PAL Novastrike submitted to SCEE

Trophies and other bits added to US ver.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Tiki Games is working on getting Novastrike onto the European PlayStation Store as soon as possible, according to president and creative director Kevin McCann.

McCann was writing on the PlayStation Blog yesterday to announce the release of a patch adding Trophies, adjusted difficulty and controls and custom soundtrack support to the PSN shooter in the US.

"We're working with going through the submission process with SCEE presently," McCann wrote in a comment on the resulting thread. "I'm sorry I can't be more specific (as I don't have a date), but it [is] our main goal right now."

We've asked Sony if anyone there can clarify.

Novastrike is a top-down shooter in which you have to shoot everything in sight with a variety of weapons. You can see what it looks like in screenshots and trailers on the Novastrike gamepage.

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