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Novastrike and Commando 3 on PSN today

In the US, at least, where burgers live.

Sony will be offering a one-two PSN punch of Novastrike and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 today.

Both have been cemented for a USD 10 launch in the Land of Opportunity. That's America, where little mice go to find their fortune.

The European whereabouts of both will be known later, as we pick apart the weekly PSN update. However, you can always fake your nationality and pinch them from the US if neither makes it here.

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 is the isometric co-operative shooter that is much better than the other Capcom effort Rocketmen, and you'll be able to read our review any day now.

Novastrike, on the other hand, is the first game from developer Tiki. Studio boss Kevin McCann has said his favourite film is Jaws and his most cherished game of all time is DOOM.

Oh and his game is a top-down shooter where you can fly around as you please and blast waves of enemy planes as well as some ground targets. Your Scythe ship can be upgraded over time and it looks like it could be fun.